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Book Review: “Moth and Rust Mormon Encounters with Death”

Title:  Moth and Rust: Mormon Encounters with Death,  Edited by: Stephen Carter, Published: Signature books, 2017, Pages: 257 Genre: Narrative Non (mostly!) Fiction ISBN: 978-1-56085-265-0 Price: 23.95 Reviewed By Andrew Hamilton at the Association for Mormon Letters and Approaching Justice, shared here by permission. When Devery Anderson at Signature Books contacted me and asked me if …

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Creating in the Borderlands

By Stephen Carter   Eight years ago, while working on my third issue of Sunstone, I edited an article by John-Charles Duffy titled, “Mapping Mormon Historicity Debates—Part II: Perspectives from the Sociology of Knowledge.”1 Not the most exciting of titles, but the article itself upended my worldview and sent me on an eight-year journey that …

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Review of Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt

by Patrick Q. Mason Reviewed by Stephen Carter   Doubt has two unique definitions in Mormon culture. In church meetings, we’re most likely to use the word in a negative sense to describe the state of someone who is breaking themselves against—or ignoring—an obvious gospel truth. (Except when we are talking about someone who is …

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