Tag: Mormonism

Queer Mormon Women

This panel features queer Mormon women from various levels of church involvement and various places on the spectrum of sexual or romantic orientation. They will offer insights into the diverse experiences of people inhabiting the intersection between Mormonism, LGBTQIA+ experience, and feminism. Brianna Cluck, Ellen Koester, Kristen Cardon, Chelsea Gibbs, Megan Howarth, Jessica Swenson, Averyl …

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Sunstone The Next Generation

Since the 1960s, unorthodox Mormons coalesced around print publications like Sunstone and Dialogue to engage in independent thought about Mormonism. Many of those people are now parents and grandparents. This panel will discuss the challenges of raising children in the Mormon faith, but outside the mainstream. Parents will discuss “inoculation,” navigating the politics of church …

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