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  • View the 2016 Program HERE in order to see session numbers and titles. Or view our list below:111. Black and White: The Challenges of Colonialism in Mormon Art and Scholarship presented by Mica McGriggs, Brad Kramer, Russell Stevenson, Nancy Ross
  • 112. A Crisis of Perception: New Paradigms to Address the Complexities of Modern Mormonism presented by Julie de Azevedo Hanks
  • 121. P-Words presented by Jody England Hansen
  • 122. Liquid Assets presented by Mark Thomas and D. Michael Quinn 123. From Same-Sex Marriage to Antidiscrimination: Working with the LDS Church on LGBT Rights by Cliff Rosky, Troy Williams
  • 124. The Beauty of Mormon Theology: William H. Chamberlin and Making Mormonism True presented by James McLachlan
  • 125. My Mormon Culture: A Cultural Psychologist’s View on being Mormon and Changing Mormon Minds presented by Peter Leavitt
  • 126. “Sex/Porn Addiction” Model Consistently Fails LDS Members presented by Natasha Helfer Parker, Kristin Bennion
  • 131. Plural Marriage: Our Story presented by Edith Barlow, Elise Barlow, Hanna Blackmore, Dollie Blackmore, Elsie Blackmore, Mary Blackmore
  • 132. Clothing God presented by Carrie McLachlan
  • 133. Stumbling Blocks and Stepping-Stones: Including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Children of God in the LDS Plan of Salvation presented by Duane E. Jennings
  • 134. “Entreat me not to leave thee” Cognitive Dissonance in the LDS Convert presented by Kelly Furr 135. Mormon Women Write: Life Writing and the Construction of Mormon Womanhood presented by Emily Ward
  • 151. Mormons for Agency: Reproductive Revolution in the Mormon Context presented by Samy Galvez, Emma Tueller Stone, Amanda Farr, Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Mark Barnes, Kara Gaultney, Maxine Hanks,Chelsea Hicken, Alexandra Sandvik
  • 152. Love (and Gender Equality) at Home: A Model of Family Transformation presented by Julie de Azevedo Hanks
  • 153. Faith and Doubt in Contemporary American Mormonism: A Quantitative Empirical Perspective presented by Benjamin Knoll
  • 154. Evolution: Analysis of the “facts” presented by Joe Jensen
  • 155. Mexican Mormon Men: Notions for the Analysis of Mormon Masculinities by Alí Siles
  • 161. Understanding Sexual Abuse in Mormonism presented by Nancy Ross, Lisa Butterworth, Debra Jenson
  • 162. Continuing Along the Divergent Paths of the Restoration presented by Steven L. Shields
  • 164. From Exclusion to Acceptance: The Task of God’s People in all Dispensations presented by Lisa Hansen
  • 165. A Foot in Two Camps: the LDS Church and Rulon Allred’s Polygamous Sect presented by Marilyn Bushman-Carlton, Connie Saddler
  • 166. Mama Dragon Story Project presented by Kimberly Anderson
  • 171. Play Reading: BURN by Morag Shepherd presented by Dave Mortensen Sackerson
  • 172. Moving Past Black and White Thinking about God, Religion, and Mormonism presented by Jody England Hansen , John Hatch, Dan Wotherspoon
  • 173. The Mormon Church in the Spanish-Speaking World presented by Manuel Saine
  • 174. Claiming the Mormon in Ex-Mormon: Reimagining Cultural Identity and Loss presented by Jennifer Huss Basquiat, Analyn Gourley, Emily Fay Urban, Heather Buzbee
  • 175. Neurodiversity and Mormonism presented by Luna Lindsey, Natasha Smith, Sarah Adia Heuser 176. Religion, Discrimination, and Growing up FLDS presented by Andrew Chatwin, Brenda Nicholson 191. Broadcast skype interview with Reza Aslan and Judith Freeman on “Memories of a Mormon Girlhood”
  • 211. Mormon Mental Health: Leaving Plato’s Cave: Understanding and Transcending Our Objectification of Others presented by John M. Rector
  • 212. The American Church Through Other Eyes presented by Gina Colvin, Nathan McCluskey
  • 213. Doing Mormonism presented by Tyler Chadwick
  • 214. Going on Mormon Sabbatical and Following the Footsteps of Counter-culture (bad-ass) Jesus. presented by Doree Burt
  • 215. By the Power of the Spirit: Martin Harris in the Mormon Movement presented by H. Michael Marquardt, Clair Barrus
  • 216. Love One Another: A Panel on Mormon Families and Congregations Experiencing a Crisis of Faith presented by Robert A. Rees, Robert S. Rees, Natasha Helfer Parker, Thomas McConkie, Kristy Money 231. Latinidad, Afro-Latinidad and Mormon Activism: Open Borders as a Spiritual Imperitave presented by Agustin “Tino” Diaz, Laura Lopez, Azul Uribe
  • 232. “The Policy” in Context of Mormon Thought on Cursed Lineage and Marriage presented by Clair Barrus, Newell Bringhurst
  • 233. The Plat of Zion: A Comparison with American Ideal Cities presented by Bill Speer 234. Restoration Is A Personal Journey presented by Sally Firmage
  • 235. Polygamy in America: Legalization-Conducive Cultural/Demographic Trends; Libertarian Ruminations presented by George R. Compton
  • 236. Borderlands: Creating an LDS-Compatible Religious Model for Yourself presented by D. Jeff Burton, Stephen Carter
  • 237. Eivai Mormonosi: The Greeks and the Mormons in Early 20th-Century Utah presented by Katherine Kelaidis
  • 238. Navigating Complex Relationships: Non-monogamy and Marriage presented by Natasha Helfer Parker
  • 242. Brother Jake Does Sunstone
  • 251. Why We Stay presented by Dan Wotherspoon, Sydnie Cazier Olsen, Jerri A. Harwell, Bill Reel, Eric Samuelsen
  • 261. Roots of the Mormon Family Tree presented by Winston Blackmore
  • 262. The Throne Near Kolob; A Portrait of Power presented by Mark Thomas, Maxine Hanks
  • 263. Mormon Mental Health Association: Mormon Thinking Errors presented by Natasha Helfer Parker, Jennifer White
  • 264. Should Mormons be Vegan? presented by Devin Rasmussen, Chris Foster
  • 265. The Evolution of the Doctrine and Covenants text: A Preliminary and Exploratory Study presente by Bill Speer
  • 266. Wearing Purple Pants to Church: Mormon Feminist Activism in a Global Religion presented by Alison Halford
  • 267. Why USA Christians in 2016 Should Vote Democratic presented by William D. Russell 271. Was There An Original presented by Denver Snuffer
  • 272. Does the LDS Church Do More Harm or More Good? presented by Christopher C. Smith, Stephen Cranney, John Dehlin, Mica McGriggs, Ryan T. Cragun
  • 273. Mother in Heaven presented by Nadine Hansen, Nancy Ross, Donna Kelly, Sara Carruth Erickson 274. The Transcendent Power of the Between presented by Gina Colvin, Thomas McConkie
  • 275. Holding our History–Reflections on Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings presented by Hannah Wheelwright, Rachel Hunt Steenblik, Joanna Brooks
  • 276. Dialogue Jubilee: Celebrating Fifty Years of Mormonism’s Leading Journal presented by Robert A. Rees, Charlotte England, Martha Bradley, G. Wesley Johnson, L. Jackson Newell
  • 277. “How Did I Find Myself Here?”: Reflections on Later-in-Life Faith Transitioning presented by Jeralee Renshaw, Matt Jones, Kevin Kapp, Kristina Olergård Tenney
  • 278. When Religion Creates Dragons: Mama Dragon Panel presented by Wendy Montgomery, Shauna Jones, Neca Allgood, Melanie Delton
  • 291. Making Mormonism Mine: Claiming Space Within the Faith presented by Carol Lynn Pearson, Robert Kirby, Lorie Winder Stromberg, Fernando Rogelio Gómez, Cathy Stokes
  • 301. Devotional: A Quest for Holiness: A Devotional, presented by Robert A. Rees
  • 311. Ready for Revelation presented by Lorie Winder Stromberg, Mark Barnes, Bryndis Roberts, Natasha Smith, Debra Jenson of Ordain Women
  • 312. Mormon Mental Health Association: Death’s Bifocals: Focusing Life’s Joy’s, Magnifying Life’s Violence, presented by Randy Moss
  • 313. Face to Face: Foundations for a Mystical Tradition in Mormonism presented by Philip McLemore 314. CASA volunteering and Child Abuse in the Mormon Culture presented by Marisa S. McPeck-Stringham
  • 315. Mapping Many Mormonisms presented by John Hamer
  • 316. Polygamy and Religious Freedom presented by Kristynn Decker, Brenda Nicholsen, Shelli Mecham, and Pam Jenson
  • 321. Progressive Polygamy: Feminism’s Strangest Bedfellow presented by Brady Williams
  • 322. Expanding the Definition of the “Faithful Mormon Woman”: Embracing Education, Career, AND Family presented by Naomi Watkins, Dianne R. Orcutt, Heidi Doxey
  • 323. The Community of Christ: An American Ecumenical and Progressive Protestantism, with Mormonism as an Option presented by Chrystal Vanel
  • 324. Mormon Mental Health Association: A Discussion of What’s Not Up For Discussion presented by Joshua Neal, Jonathan Aderhold
  • 325. A Prism for the “…ISMs”: The Journey from “Which Church is Right to My “…ism” is better than Your “…ism” presented by Russ Osmond
  • 326. Heretics are Not Apostates: A Social Conflict Theory Approach to Mutually Dissing Our Fellows presented by Charles Randall Paul
  • 327. From Lost Tribes to Mormon Humor: One Man’s Faith Journey Through Mormon Folklore Studies presented by Glenn Ostlund
  • 328. Battle for the Beginners: An Argument Over How to Present Mormonism to Newbies presented by Christopher Kimball Bigelow and Stephen Carter
  • 331. “Joseph Smith’s Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women presented by Nadine Hansen, Bryndis Roberts, Clair Barrus
  • 332: Who Holds the Keys: FLDS Persepctives on Authority presented by John Nielsen , D. Michael Quinn 333. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness: A Way to Bridge Differences Between Mormons and Former Mormons presented by Jon Ogden
  • 334. Landing Instructions: How to Navigate (or Help Someone Navigating) Faith Crisis presented by Boyd Petersen
  • 335. Conversations with Harry: Sectarianism and the One True Church presented by Janice Allred 336. Sunstone Service project for homeless families organized by Ashley Hoopes and Laurie Shipp Bush
  • 337. Mormon Spotlight: The problem of child sex abuse in the LDS church presented by Matthew Long 338. The Mormon Hawaiian Mission and the Smallpox Epidemic of 1853 presented by John Hammond 342. Lunch with FEMWOC: A Panel About Empowerment Within the Margins presented by Natasha Smith, Kalani Tonga, Bryndis Roberts, Gina Colvin, and Jennifer Gonzalez
  • 351. Four Views of the Book of Mormon presented by Christopher C. Smith, Sandra Tanner, Brant A. Gardner, David Bokovoy, Mark Thomas
  • 352. The Future of Dialogue: What Might the Next Fifty Years Bring? presented by Boyd Petersen, Kristine Haglund, Emily Jensen
  • 353. DEEP SHIFT: Reassessing the Restoration presented by Paul Toscano
  • 354. The 2nd Reformation? Keeping a Record of the Mormon Internet Experience in the Beginning of the 21st Century presented by Sarah Collett, Bill Reel, Melissa Young, Gina Colvin
  • 355. The Persistence of Ideas about Reincarnation in Today’s Mormonism presented by Lisa Hansen, Bill Hansen, Doe Daughtrey
  • 356. William Bickerton v. Brigham Young: The Case Against Polygamy presented by Daniel Stone and D. Michael Quinn
  • 357. Many Infants on Multiple Thrones: What We do, Why We do it, and How We Think it Matters presented by Infant on Thrones
  • 358. New Directions and New Opportunities for Addressing Malnutrition among LDS Children presented by Robert A. Rees., Bradley Walker, Tim Heaton, Rose Ansah-Antwi
  • 361. The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy presented by Carol Lynn Pearson
  • 362. Power from the Margins: Reclaiming the “Promised Land” presented by Moroni Benally
  • 363. Mormon Alchemy: Making a Life that Matters from Mormonism’s Most Common, Sometimes Even Ugly, Elements presented by Paul Malan
  • 364. Misreading Scripture: The Abrahamic Sacrifice Reconsidered presented by Robert A. Rees
  • 365. “Woman of Another World, I Am with You”: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry presented by Tyler Chadwick
  • 366. Text Mining 30+ Years of Sunstone Talks presented by Jake Frost, Jake Spurlock 367. Mormonism as a Religious Ethnie presented by G Campbell Macnaughton
  • 368. Start By Believing: Preventing Sexual Assault and Supporting Survivors in the Mormon Community presented by April Carlson, DeAnn Tilton, Donna Kelly, Sarita Venkatapathy Naidu, Aubri Parmenter
  • 371. Repairing and Preserving Relationships Damaged by Faith Crises presented by Russ Osmond, Steve Lowther, John Dehlin, Sandra Tanner, Grant Palmer, Thomas McConkie, Gina Colvin
  • 372. The LDS Church’s Policy Changes on LGBT Parents and Their Children presented by Robert A. Rees, Carol Lynn Pearson, Mitch Mayne, Caitlin Ryan
  • 373. Handshakes & Drawn Swords presented by Bill Reel 374. Claiming Our Gifts and Knowing the Roots of Our Mormon Identities Sunstone Symposium 2016 Panel Sponsored by the Mormon Women’s Forum presented by Margaret Toscano, Linda King Newell, Janice Allred
  • 375. Mormon Magic and the Religious World View presented by Cheryl Bruno, Allen Hansen, Michael G. Reed
  • 376. Centennial Park: A Priesthood Story presented by Stan Shepp, Polly, Lorine Dockstader, and Joseph Dockstader
  • 377. Adam and Eve FIlm: The Series Screening
  • 391.BBQ and an Evening With Tyler Glenn


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