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Thursday, July 26

  • 111. Opening Plenary: The Banality of Progress presented by Mehrsa Baradaran
  • 112. From Surviving to Thriving: Learning How to “Do” Church as an Adventurous Mormon presented by Dan Wotherspoon, Boyd J. Petersen
  • 121. The Wicked Son: My Father is Warren Jeffs presented by Roy Jeffs
  • 122. The November 2015 Policy Change in Light of Matthew 25 presented by Bob Rees, Bill Bradshaw, Berta Marquez
  • 123. The Mormon Ethic and the Spirit of Neoliberalism presented by Justin Pack
  • 124.In Christ: Mormonism and The Paradox of NonDuality presented by Philip McLemore
  • 125. Mountain Running, Mormonism, and a Pathway to Spirituality presented by Jay Griffith and Jedediah Rogers
  • 126. Mormon Socialization, Women’s Education, and the Relevance of Online Support Groups presented by Danielle Christensen
  • 131. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It presented by Jody England Hansen
  • 132. Rejecting Dogma by Embracing Paradox presented by Jonathan Aderhold
  • 133. Old, Gay, and Mormon presented by Dallin Phillips
  • 134. Embracing All Genders: Clashes between Mormonism and the Science of Gender Identity presented by Emily Mackelprang
  • 135. The LORD’s House in the Top of the Mountains: The Diverse Mormon Readings of Isaiah 2:2 presented by Mark Thomas
  • 136. An “anthropic” theodicy: Where there is a loving, all-powerful God, must the natural world be as violently destructive of life as our world is? present by David D. Allred, Lex Newman
  • 142. Lunch Presentation: Mormon Food Studies in Trump’s America presented by Jerilyn Pool (12:45 – 1:45)
  • 151. Contemplations on Mormon Intrafaith Marriage presented by Gina Colvin, Nathan McCluskey
  • 152. The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy One Year Later: A Report presented by Carol Lynn Pearson, Jeralee Henderson Renshaw, Dan Wotherspoon, Jay Griffith, Jane Griffith
  • 153. Continuity and Change in Temple Worship presented by Benjamin Shaffer, David Patrick
  • 154. Finding Faith and Virtue in Resistance presented by Bryndis Roberts, Lorie Winder Stromberg, Mark Barnes
  • 155. Bridgewalker: Spirituality in the Poetry of Linda Sillitoe presented by Cynthia Sillitoe
  • 156. The Moral and Spiritual Case for Cannabis, presented by Andrew Jolley, Emilie Campbell, Ryan McKnight
  • 157. The Witch Doctor in the Sky: The Acholi, Mormonism and Mental Health presented by Marie Blanchard
  • 161. Damned by the Courts: the Conflation of Church Discipline with the Criminal Justice System presented by Ian Thomson
  • 162. Discussion Group: Having Conversations About Faith With Those You Disagree With facilitated by Josh Weed and Lolly Weed
  • 163. CANCELLED
  • 164. The Wages of Sin is Death: HIV/AIDS in Utah presented by J. Seth Anderson
  • 165. Learning to Breathe After the Death of a Child presented by Carlene George, Doe Daughtery, Reva Beth Rullell, Patrick Bryson
  • 166. Teach from the Little Box: Blurring the Lines between Mainstream Christianity and Mormonism presented by Ian R. Harvey
  • 167. The Kingdom Embraces All presented by Robert Kimball Shinkoskey
  • 171. An Introduction to MormonLeaks presented by Ryan McKnight
  • 172. Mormon Women’s Forum: Extraordinary Ordinary Women presented by Margaret Toscano, Janice Allred, Gina Colvin,  Vickie Eastman
  • 173. Transitioning with Teens presented by Sheyenne Alvarez, Mark Whitley, Jessica Whitley
  • 174. Helping the FLDS in Crisis: What One Outsider Never Expected to Find Behind the FLDS Walls presented by Christine Marie Katas
  • 175. Mormon Women Supplementing their Mormon Experience with Alternative Spiritual Practices presented by Cristina Rosetti, Doe Daughtrey
  • 177. Discussion Group: Choosing Your Family: How to deal with losing family over faith presented by Jazmin Hight, Roy Jeffs, Mica McGriggs, Ryan Chidester
  • 191: 7:30- 8:30 Evening Devotional: Sacred Space and Spiritual Practice presented by Gina Colvin, Maxine Hanks

Friday, July 27

  • 201. Morning Devotional: It Was the Worst of Times. It Was the Best of Times: Finding God in the Wound
    by Jody England Hansen (8:15-8:45)
  • 211. Meaning for All?: Identity Theory and Mormon Elasticity presented by Adam J. Powell
  • 212. Mormonism and the Limits of Political Neutrality presented by Kelsy Hillesheim
  • 213. Black Mormon Women from Baltimore: What They Have Taught Me about Race and Faith presented by Laura Rutter Strickling
  • 214. The Agency Blueprint vs. The Doctrine of Privation presented by Ian Harvey
  • 215. Priestess unto the Most High God presented by Edward Bailey
  • 216.  The Mormon Suicide Epidemic in Light of Matthew 25 presented by Robert A. Rees, John Gustav-Wrathall, Taryn Aiken Hiatt
  • 217. Epistemological Guardianship : The importance of how we know what we know presented by Mithryn
  • 218. Fundamentalist Missionary work presented by, Michael Peterson, Betty Amrine, Alice Lovassen, Dana Peterson, Atrayu Pickering, Joseph Wright, Jonathan Olsen, Ethan Patrick
  • 221. Joseph Didn’t Set Out to Start a Church (Let Alone a New Religion!) presented by Christopher C. Smith
  • 222. Rise Strong After Divorce presented by Elizabeth A. Dalton
  • 223. Your spiritual Journey is trying to eat you!: A New Way presented by Stephen Carter
  • 224. The Religion of Dieting: How an Increasingly Secular Society is Embracing Dieting Dogma presented by Paige Smathers
  • 225. Atonement Talk in Mormonism presented by Billy Phillips, Jim Smithson, Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen
  • 226. Genealogy: Melaninated Style presented by Bryndis Roberts
  • 227. They, Them, Their: Seeing God On The Spectrum presented by Jody England Hansen
  • 228. “[My] feelings . . . I should not dare to reveal”: The personality of Joseph Smith presented by Ronald O. Barney
  • 229. How Compassion Can Heal Polygamist Communities presented by Lawrence Barlow, Shirlee Draper
  • 231. Joseph Smith, the Entrepreneur with Dan Hill, D. Michael Quinn, George Smith
  • 232. The Church’s Sexual Addiction Recovery Program presented by Ryan Flake, Justin Pilmer, Brayden Snow
  • 233. Social Responses to Mormon Feminists: “No One Else Was Talking About It, So it Must Be Taboo” presented by Jennifer Crow
  • 234. Remembering Gene presented by Robert A. Rees
  • 235. Parenting and Perfectionism in the LDS Context presented by Kelly Furr
  • 236. The Greatest and the Least: The Theology of the Parables and Miracles of Jesus presented by Janice Allred
  • 237. For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table presented by Karin F. Peter
  • 238. Anonymity and the Mormon Searcher presented by vh65, Mithryn
  • 239. Addressing Mormon Thinking Errors presented by Jennifer White, Natasha Helfer Parker
  • 243. Sunstone Hymn Sing Along presented by Alan Eastman
  • 242. Brother Jake Videos
  • 251. Why We Stay presented by Dan Wotherspoon, Robin Linkhart, John Gustav-Wrathall, Maxine Hanks, Nathan McCluskey
  • 252. (in)active mormon women: an ethnodrama presented by Janice Jenson – Creator
  • 261. Transparency For All presented by Ryan McKnight
  • 262. Typical Sexual Shame Residue from Religious Upbringings presented by Natasha Helfer Parker, Kristin Marie Bennion
  • 263. Worth of all Persons presented by Carla Long, Lachlan Mackay, Nancy Ross, Dan Wotherspoon, Ruth Williams
  • 264. Murder, Mayhem, Mormons, and Miners: Tales of Death and Violence Deep from the Heart of Utah’s Pioneer Dixie presented by Melvin C. Johnson
  • 265. A Life Worth Living (after Mormonism) presented by Gary Horlacher, Ernest Horstmanshoff
  • 266. More on the Evolution of the D&C text: Revelations printed in Mormon newspapers presented by Bill Speer
  • 267. Radio Heaven and Hell: Being a Talk Show Host in a Mormon State presented by Bill Allred and Richie T (Steadman)
  • 268. Redeeming the Fallen: LDS Reaction to the Illicit Intercourse Heresy of 1841-1842 presented by Meg Stout
  • 269. Out of the Luminous Silence: Connecting with the Divine Feminine through Women’s Rituals presented by Debra Brown Gordy
  • 271. A Preview Discussion of a forthcoming volume entitled: The LDS Church’s Gospel Topics Essays: The Scholarly Community Responds presented by Newell G. Bringhurst, Matthew L. Harris, Gary Bergera, Margaret Toscano
  • 272.LDS/SSA Mormons: Preliminary Results of the Four Options Survey presented by Marybeth Raynes, Lee Beckstead, Ron Schow
  • 273. How I Became an LGBTQ Ally While Serving as a YSA Bishop and How We Can Better Support our LGBTQ members presented by Richard Ostler
  • 274. Mormons and Trump: An Unholy alliance? presented by Robert A. Rees, Clifton Jolley, Misty K. Snow
  • 275. Crafting as Subversive Resistance and Problematic Myopia: The Struggle for Intersectionality presented by Analyn Gourley, Nancy Ross, Jennifer Huss Basquiat
  • 276. Millennial Mormons: A Fundamentalist Perspective presented Alia Peterson, Katherine Horner, Dana Peterson, Caleb Horner, Joshua Horner, Jonathan Olsen, Joseph Wright, Benjamin Jenson, Derrik Peterson
  • 277. Sacred Resistance: Mormon Women Marching presented by Jody England Hansen, Natasha Helfer Parker, Gina Colvin
  • 278. Metal Records and the Invention of Religious Tradition presented by Michael G. Reed, D. Michael Quinn
  • 279. Mormon Identity in Crisis: Embracing the Least of These presented by Mark Crego
  • 291. “Embracing the Least of These” presented by Fatimah S. Salleh and Lisa Butterworth

Saturday, July 28

  • 301. Beauty: A Devotional presented by Robert A. Rees
  • 311. Mormons, Myth, Miracles & Magic presented by Robert A. Rees
  • 312. BYU, Sexual Violence, and the Honor Code presented by Jenny McComb
  • 313. Beyond Savannah presented by Jerilyn Hassell Pool Savannah, Lowell Acorda, Wesley Green, Jack Steele, Sarah, Kris Trevino, Britt Johns
  • 314. Mormons and Heroin Use presented by Elizabeth Snyder
  • 315. The Remnant Movement: Seeking to Recover and Continue the Restoration presented by Tausha Larsen
    Adrian Larsen , Quintina BearChief Adolpho, Robert WK Adolpho
  • 316. Shame with No Name: Identifying and Healing “Aspirational Shame” in Mormon Women presented by Julie de Azevedo Hanks
  • 317. Trials Of Our Faith: On Navigating A Faith Crisis (Lost Or Shaken Faith) presented by Daniel Rollõ
  • 318. Discussion Group: Leaving and Not Leaving Alone: How to Live With the Labels facilitated by Samantha Louise Shelley, Tanner Gilliland
  • 321. Sing a New Song: Hymns of Devotion, Inclusion, and Faith presented by Fred Voros and Alan Eastman
  • 322. The Mormon Heavenly Mother: Helper of the Oppressed presented by Margaret Toscano
  • 323. Revelation Through Hallucination presented by Bryce Blankenagel,
    Cody Noconi”
  • 324. A Year of Faith Transition Stories: A Qualitative Analysis of Emergent Themes presented by Nancy Ross, Rob Vox
  • 325. Borderlands: Helping Newcomers and Those Experiencing a Crisis of Belief presented by D. Jeff Burton, Jon Ogden
  • 326. Awash in a Sea of Faith: Is Mormon Political History Repeating Itself? presented by Randy Snyder
  • 327. The Polygamist’s Daughter: Healing in the Aftermath of Trauma and Abuse presented by Anna LeBaron
  • 328. More Than A Name: How Genealogy Connects Us presented by Corey Howard, Kathy Carlston
  • 331. Other Sheep Indeed presented by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr.
  • 332: Mormon Generations: What New Research Tells Us about Four Generations of Current and Former Latter-day Saints presented by Jana Riess
  • 333. Walking One Another Home: Why I Continue to Stay presented by Robert A. Rees
  • 334. The Spiritual Brain presented by Michael Adam Ferguson
  • 335. An Unruly Faith: The Making of a Documentary about Kate Kelly and Gender Equity in the
    Mormon Church presented by Cindy Madsen Reid”
  • 336. The Nauvoo Council of Fifty Minutes presented by H. Michael Marquardt
  • 337. Healthy Communication and Negotiation in Mixed Faith Relationships presented by Tom Perry
  • 338. Quantifiably Stranger Than Fiction presented by Christian N. K. Anderson,
    Cheryl Bruno, Joe Geisner”
  • 339. Voice in the Wilderness presented by Margaret Olsen Hemming, Pandora Brewer
  • 342. Lunch Presentation: FILM: Trapped by the Mormons presented by Kofford Books
  • 343. Encore Presentation: Lunch Presentation: Mormon Food Studies in Trump’s America presented by Jerilyn Pool
  • 351. Playmate Mormons: Faith and Sex Work presented by Kylie Johnson and Sasha Earl
  • 352. Can We Talk? How to Facilitate Challenging Conversations with Those You Love (and Those You Don’t) presented by Jay Griffith and Jacob Hess
  • 353. Standing at the Crossroads of Identity and Faith presented by Bryndis Roberts, Kalani Tonga, Gina Colvin
  • 354. Getting Unstuck: Healing from Community Rejection and Spiritual Wounds presented by Lisa Butterworth, Jana Johnson Spangler
  • 355. Transitions: What I Learned presented by Alex Pedersen, Nicholas R. Stewart, Samuel Yamamoto
  • 356. Seer Stones, Folk Magic, and Alvin’s Hand presented by Bill Reel
  • 357. Bob’s Mormon Cred Scale 2.0
    presented by Tom Perry, Matt Long, John Hamer, Heather Craw, Bob Caswell, Randy Snyder, John Hamer”
  • 358. Leadershift: The Slurge From Love to Power presented by Paul Toscano
  • 359. Ask a Sex Therapist presented by Natasha Helfer Parker, Kristin Marie Bennion
  • 361. Helping Mormonism Move from Patriarchy toward Partnership presented by Carol Lynn Pearson, Julie de Azevedo Hanks
  • 362. Without Death We Cannot Mourn, Without Mourning We Cannot Be Saved: On Mormonism’s Confrontation with Its Haunted, Invisible Body presented by Jacob Baker
  • 363. Good, Better, Best. Discovering transformative service and charity after going on Mormon sabbatical. presented by Doree Burt”
  • 364. The 10 Things Donald Trump can Teach us about Joseph Smith presented by John Larsen
  • 365. FreeBYU’s Campaign for Religious Freedom at the Y presented by Brad Levin
  • 366. The Paradox of Jesus in The Book of Mormon presented by Brian W. Kassenbrock
  • 367. Voice Lessons: Finding my way Back to the Songs of My Faith presented by John Bonner
  • 368. Polygamy in our DNA: is this “dead” practice preventing divine union in our marriages and families? presented by Lizza Nelson
  • 369.Deciphering the Prophet James Strang’s Voree Plates presented by John Hamer
  • 371. Organizing to Fight the Mormon Alt Right: A Collaborative Learning and Working Session presented by Joanna Brooks
  • 372. Mormons, Addiction, and Opioids: Perspectives From Experts and Individuals presented by Jeff Johnson, James Ott, Catania Johnson, Devin Edwards, Elizabeth Porter, Ryan Watkins
  • 373.Perspectives of Mormon Women (Re)Entering the Workforce presented by Naomi Watkins, Danielle Briggs Christensen, Mandee Grant, Cristall Harper,Lisa Baker Heaton, Cecilia Wilbur
  • 374. To redact, or not to redact? That is the question: The George Q Cannon Journals being published presented by Gary Bergera, Joseph Geisner, John Dinger
  • 375. Integrating the Opposites: Ethical Guidelines for Helping faith-based people who are sexually and/or gender diverse” presented by Jerry Buie, Lisa Hansen, David Pruden
  • 376. Food of the Goddess: The Entheogenic Theory of Religion presented by Micah Nickolaisen
  • 377. Infants on Post-Mormon Values presented by Matt Long, Bob Caswell, Tom Perry, Heather Craw, Randy Snyder, John Hamer
  • 378. Muslims and Mormons المسلمين والمورمون presented by Corey Howard, Zahraa Albaghdady , Cassie Hard, Nada al-Amin
  • 379. Enjoying the Temple with Fresh Eyes presented by Sonja Farnsworth, Dan Wotherspoon, Jody England Hansen
  • 391. Elna Baker and Mindy Gledhill


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