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The Mormon Hub is a new Facebook group for the general discussion of
Mormonism and Mormon-related issues. We host content from
all around the Bloggernacle. We want you to join the conversation.

Attention Mormon Bloggers: The Mormon Hub is a place where you can
link, discuss and promote your blogs. We ask, in return, that you place a link
to The Mormon Hub on your website.  Follow the link below
for buttons, graphics, and instructions

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a vibrant religious tradition with a diverse membership
that has widely differing needs. For many Latter-day Saints, one of these needs is free and frank exploration
of gospel truths as they relate to the complexities of today’s society. Some crave stimulating
discussions of contemporary scholarship, literature, and social issues. Others find great comfort being
able to read, hear, and share personal faith journeys, including all their twists and turns
and occasional uncertainties.

The Mormon Hub strives to be a radically inclusive space where Mormons
of all stripes (and those interested in Mormons or Mormonism)
gather to exchange ideas.

Click here to join us:

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  1. Lindsay I hope you will read the words of Joseph Smith and other Prophets after you read the Revelation given to me 20 years ago. I hope you and your family, and what all that you love will survive when SLC and the long runways at the International Airport are Nuked. I just awoke 2:50 am and you were on my mind.
    Bless you and all that you love. Leland LOVE for you and your family. 6/4/17

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