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Smith Pettit Lecture Jesus Christ Marriage And Mormon Christianities

Marriage has divided Mormons and Christians, and marriage has contributed to divisions among not only Mormons but among many other Christian churches as well. Because marriage occupies such a central place in Mormon history and doctrine, though, changes in marital practices and debates about marriage have proved unusually fraught for Latter-day Saints. Indeed, from scholarly …

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The Gospel According To Sunstone Devotional 2016

This devotional is about heartbreaking and healing personal conversations I’ve had with culturally conservative or newly liberal Church members, leaders, Mama Dragons, and LGBT+ loved ones about the November policy. I’ve encountered questions, conflict, and pain. It seems the November policy is another reason to either be more sure of what you were already certain …

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Why Usa Christians In 2016 Should Vote Democratic

Christians, including Mormons, should consider moral and ethical issues when deciding whom to support in an election. The teachings of Jesus in the four gospels should be an important guide in considering the issues raised in a campaign. This paper will argue that in the 2016 preseidential election, the moral issues lean strongly on the …

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