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John Burton Slave Of Parowan Utah 1797 1865

John Burton (1797–1865) was born to slave parents, and eventually joined the Mormon Church. Burton’s Mormonism transcended race, bondage, culture, and geography as he journeyed west with several owners from Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, and frontier Utah. He was one of the three African Americans in Brigham Young’s 1847 company to Utah and remained in …

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Mormon Mental Health Association Mormon Thinking Errors

Cognitive distortions, or thinking errors, cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately, producing and reinforcing negative thoughts and emotions. All individuals, families, and cultures perpetuate distorted thinking patterns, including Mormonism. This session will look at common Mormon thinking errors and offer remedies for them including examining beliefs and self-talk, correcting inaccurate thought patterns, and expanding clear …

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