Category: Issue 184

What Is Struggling to Be Born?

By Carol Lynn Pearson I wrote a little poem, and often I found myself reading it over the phone to women who called me needing to share a heavy burden. LABOR You have come in Like a wounded animal That crawls into a log To die. Now Do not think me Unfeeling. It’s just that …

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“The Dead Are All Around Us”

By Luisa Perkins   He came in through the bathroom window, just like that stupid Beatles song her mother loved. That’s how she knew he was a ghost. That and his teeth. Two years ago, he’d knocked his two front ones out when he tripped on some concrete at a cross-country meet. He’d had to …

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Braving the Borderlands: Crisis of Faith vs. Crisis of Belief

By D. Jeff Burton   Articles, podcasts, blog posts, and books about the “faith crisis” phenomenon have abounded during the past few years, providing Borderlanders with a lot of interesting material to consider.1 Reading through these offerings, I’ve noticed how often we assume that everyone has similar understandings of terms such as faith, belief, doubt, …

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