Author: Stephen Carter

Braving the Borderlands: Crisis of Faith vs. Crisis of Belief

By D. Jeff Burton   Articles, podcasts, blog posts, and books about the “faith crisis” phenomenon have abounded during the past few years, providing Borderlanders with a lot of interesting material to consider.1 Reading through these offerings, I’ve noticed how often we assume that everyone has similar understandings of terms such as faith, belief, doubt, …

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Creating in the Borderlands

By Stephen Carter   Eight years ago, while working on my third issue of Sunstone, I edited an article by John-Charles Duffy titled, “Mapping Mormon Historicity Debates—Part II: Perspectives from the Sociology of Knowledge.”1 Not the most exciting of titles, but the article itself upended my worldview and sent me on an eight-year journey that …

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On Outrage

By John Hatch Every day, I log on to Facebook, Twitter, and a few message boards where I get much of my news. I like these platforms and I like the wit and the humor and the insight and the people I meet; however, it’s become evident to me that a kind of Audrey II …

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